We are delighted to welcome visitors from other Societies and non-member guests of Members at lectures.  Because of the recent expansion of the Society and the limited size of our auditorium, which only has seating for 160, we have only a small capacity for guests.  For the time being we are limiting the guest list to FIVE for each lecture – booked on a first come first served basis.  This is a firm limit for morning session guests – we can be a little more flexible in the afternoon as membership of the afternoon session has not yet reached full capacity.

Because of the limits on space, any guest or visitor is restricted to ONE booking during the year.

We have a waiting list for morning membership.  Similar visitor rules apply.  Any person on the waiting list can attend once during the year as a visitor, subject to availability.

All Guests and Visitors must be booked in advance by contacting Diana Gordon, Membership Secretary, at tasoxford@gmail.com or by telephone on 01865 865450.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate guests and visitors who show up on the day who have not booked in advance.

We do not charge an admission fee but would suggest a donation of £7 from our guests for attendance at a lecture.