These are the Study Days we have enjoyed thus far:

Jan 2022 “The Age of Augustus John : Inspiration and Revolution in British Art” Lecturer Dr David Boyd Haycock
Sept 2021 “The Riches of Islamic Art and Architecture” Lecturer Professor James Allan
May 2021 “Swedish Grace: A hundred years of Swedish Art and Design” Lecturer Anne Anderson
Jan 2021 “The British Enlightenment: science, exploration and industry in Eighteenth century painting” Lecturer Justin Reay
Nov 2020 “The Housekeeper’s Tale: The Women who really ran the English Country House”  Lecturer Tessa Boase
Jan 2020 “Can We Trust the Experts?”  Lecturer David Phillips
Sept 2019 “Backstage at the Opera”  Lecturer Simon Rees
May 2019 “Rivals and Radicals: Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson”
Lecturer Jo Walton
Jan 2019 “Bankrolling the Renaissance: A History of the Medici Family”  Lecturer Douglas Skeggs
Oct 2018 “Painting on Light: a History of Stained Glass”  Lecturer Roger Rosewell
May 2018 “The Mysterious Language of Paintings”  Lecturer Val Woodgate
Feb 2018 “Secrets and Symbols of the Dutch Old Masters”  Lecturer Lynne Gibson
Oct 2017 “How 20th Century Art Shaped the Art of Today”  Lecturer Linda Smith
Mar 2017 “Russian Art: The Revolution in Art, and Art in Revolution”  Lecturer Rosamund Bartlett
Nov 2016 “The Art of Venice: the Lion of the Sea”  Lecturer Douglas Skeggs