The committee is elected by the members each year at our Annual General Meeting.

Current Trustees are:

Sarah Whiteley (Chairman)
Hilary Reid-Evans (Vice Chairman)
Allan Taylor (Treasurer)
Pam Eyton (Secretary)
Diana Gordon (Membership Secretary)
Ann McIlhinney (Lecture Programme)
Celia Robinson (Community Arts)
Carol Brownson
Alison Madden (Visits – Co-opted)
Julia Reece (Study Days – Co-opted)

A little more about us:

Sarah Whiteley
sarah-whiteleyI became a member of Oxford TASO in 2011 and joined the Young Arts group at the same time, becoming its chair in 2012. I stepped down in 2016 to become Vice Chair of the Society, taking on he role of Chair in 2017.

I worked in Children’s Social Care for 25 years, both managing teams working in busy multicultural communities, and latterly as consultant to a large local authority on policy, practice and the important interface with education. I was an active Primary School Governor for 10 years, in the South West and in Oxford. My interest in the arts is broad, encompassing theatre and music as well as photography and decorative arts. I am also an avid traveller enjoying all the cultural aspects this involves. I have enjoyed the range of activities I’ve been involved with as a member of TASO; I always look forward to learning more about the arts, and contributing to the development of the Society.

Hilary Reid-Evans
A Scot and an Oxford resident of over 30 years standing, Hilary is currently the Executive Director of the International Network for the Delivery of Regulation (INDR). She is also the area educational coordinator for the Wyvern Area of The Arts Society, the Chairman of Bampton Classical Opera, a member of the Advisory Board of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra and an elected Board member of London’s Caledonian Club.


Allan Taylor
I worked in London as a specialist in corporate tax from 1971, first for HMRC and then as a partner in KPMG. In 2001 I was appointed Bursar of St Antony’s College, a job I found fascinating until I retired after 11 years. The Arts have always been a major interest of mine. After my time at St Antony’s my main occupation has been has been volunteering at Kelmscott Manor where I particularly enjoy introducing groups to the Manor and its contents.


Celia Robinson
Having lived and worked in Brussels and Nice before I married, my family later moved back to Belgium, instilling a passion for languages and travel in us all. After studying French & Modern History, I worked in business administration using my French and, after moving to Oxford in 2006, gained the CELTA qualification, teaching English to Asian women to empower them in their lives. I now put my energies into creating a delightful garden, playing tennis and bridge and volunteering for local charities. My interest in the arts has been liberated by becoming involved with The Arts Society and I am pleased to be part of its dynamic committee.

Ann McIlhinney
I was introduced to what was then DFAS by a friend who took me to several lectures as a guest. Although I have always enjoyed visiting art galleries and exhibitions, I was aware that my depth of knowledge in this area was very limited. My background is in biochemistry and I worked for more than 20 years in medical communications, writing educational and promotional materials for major international pharmaceutical companies. My retirement provided a perfect opportunity to divert away from science and learn more about the Arts, and in 2015 I became a member of the Arts Society. Since then, I have enjoyed the diversity of topics covered in the lectures and study days. I am now delighted to be part of the committee and to be involved in putting together what we hope will be an interesting lecture programme

Diana Gordon
After studying mathematics, I made my career mainly in university and business administration in Cambridge and then Oxford.  After retiring from paid work, I became a member of Abingdon DFAS (as it then was), then joined the Oxford branch when it expanded its membership.  My first allegiance in the arts is music, but I joined DFAS to expand my knowledge of the arts more broadly.  My other main activities are singing (I’m co-Chairman and ex-Treasurer of the choral society with whom I sing), swimming, travel & photography, and I’m involved in the running of my village’s community shop.  A keen gardener, I was a Trustee of the Friends of Oxford Botanic Garden for several years and also an Assistant County Organiser for Oxfordshire for the National Gardens Scheme. As TASO Membership Secretary, I look forward to providing members with an efficient and approachable service.

Pam Eyton
I moved to Oxford from London in 1993. I have always been interest in the Arts and visiting exhibitions and galleries. When I decided to reduce my working hours in the IT profession I was able to take up painting again. I was introduced to NADFAS by a friend and then discovered Oxford DFAS and became a member in 2015. I enjoy being an active member of an organisation; thus far I have helped TASO on the website, with Study Days and now I am secretary.

Carol Brownson
I worked in London for many years, initially as a lecturer in biochemistry then as a freelance medical writer for pharmaceutical companies. I moved to Oxford in 2016 and was fortunate to be able to join Oxford DFAS immediately. London was an excellent base for exposure to a broad range of arts including theatre, music, art galleries and museums all of which I enjoyed. The informative lectures and study days provided by TASO have assisted in a happy transfer to Oxford. In 2017 I undertook role of recruiting the coffee/tea and front desk volunteers for the morning TASO lectures and more recently I have been a member of the Visits committee. It has been a pleasure to work with other members of TASO and I look forward to serving on this committee.

Julia Reece
Professionally I have been a Primary school teacher; personally I am a Vicars wife. For the last sixteen years of my career I was headteacher of a Primary School in Wimbledon. When I retired I moved to Oxford and eventually found time to follow one of my interests in Art in its widest sense. I am an observer rather than a practitioner and an enthusiastic gallery and museum follower. Living in London was perfect for this and upon moving to Oxford I was still able to avail myself of frequent visits I am a friend of The Royal Academy National Gallery, The Tate and The British Museum. I have been a Member of TASO for four years and am now delighted to have become a Trustee of this branch. Until November of last year I was a governor of a Primary school just outside Oxford for ten years. On relinquishing this post I was delighted when this opportunity to become a member of the Study Day team and representing it on the Trustees.

Alison Madden
A specialist litigation solicitor by profession, I moved to Oxford in 1990, but ceased practice on moving to Edinburgh in 2005. With time finally to spare, I did an art appreciation course, joined the Edinburgh Decorative & Fine Arts Society and worked voluntarily for the Museum of Scotland for 3 years. After returning to Oxford in 2009, I became a trustee of a family support charity [later chair] and of a family mediation one. I also joined the Oxford University Newcomers Club, serving two terms as chairperson. I joined TASO as an afternoon member in 2015, have really enjoyed the range of lectures and visits offered, and I am keen to contribute to the Society.