The Arts Society Oxford Young Arts sponsorship provides children and young people with a broad range of opportunities to engage with the visual arts.  The Arts Society Oxford (previously Oxford DFAS) Young Arts started in 2011 and has supported a wide variety of projects for children of all ages and capabilities both directly, and indirectly through teacher training.

Initially The Arts Society Oxford contributed about £900 per year for projects supporting a diverse range of young people through the arts.  The scope of our projects has grown with increasing confidence and experience.  With the recent doubling of the size of The Arts Society Oxford we expect to receive about £2000 per year which will enable us to support either more projects or larger ones.

Projects supported by The Arts Society Oxford (Oxford DFAS) Young Arts in 2016

Mosaic project for young people with acute mental health needs

We have recently funded a series of workshops (over the Easter break) for the design and production of a mosaic sculpture by residents of the Highfield Unit, a state-of-the-art NHS facility providing specialist in-patient services for young people aged 11 to 18 with acute mental health needs. This project, led by Becky Paton, a local mosaic artist also experienced in working with young people, has been completed, and the sculpture erected in the grounds of the unit for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future residents, and of staff members.

Initial design for the mosaicThe finished mosaic before being installedmoasic2







Initial design for the mosaic, and the finished product before being installed in the hospital grounds.

Joint schools project for pre GCSE students

Young Arts funded a series of workshops in June 2016 for a secondary school project, based on family trees, in which St Gregory the Great Catholic School and the Oxford Academy worked together. This was the first time the 2 schools had undertaken a collaborative project.

The students’ work was guided by Claudia Figueredo, a local artist who specialises in working with young people (and who provided expert guidance and an injection of creativity into our previous Hospital School project).  The project concluded with an exhibition as part of their end of year Art display at each of the schools in July.

Joint Schools Project 2016-1
Joint Schools Project 2016-2






Oxfordshire Arts Teachers  (OAT)

A small donation has been made to the annual conference of OAT in July 2016, which will enable an artist to undertake a variety of creative mini workshops with participating teachers.

A small donation was made to the annual conference of OAT in July 2016, a day which brings together secondary art teachers across Oxfordshire to share ideas and try new approaches. Our funding enabled an artist to undertake a variety of creative mini workshops with participating teachers.


Previous projects supported by Oxford DFAS Young Arts Group

2011 Art materials for  three Special Schools
2012/13 Primary schools

  • Summer transition programme primary to secondary for vulnerable children
  • Inset Training day for Primary teachers
  • Follow up projects with 3 Primary Schools
2014 Sixth Form Art Competition
  • Young teenage Carers Project
  • Children’s Hospital School Printing Workshops
  • NADFAS funding to repeat this project
2016 Secondary schools

  • Mosaic project at Adolescent Mental Health Unit
  • Artist-led workshops for collaborative Secondary School project (2 Oxford schools) pre GCSE course

We keep a photographic record of each project for our website and publicity purposes, taking care to ensure that we abide by regulations and host requirements concerning distribution of photographs of young and/or vulnerable people.  Below are photos with more details of some of the projects

2012 Inset Training day for Primary Teachers

Young Arts Inset Day 2013-2Twenty two Oxford primary teachers, with lead responsibility for art, attended an artist led study day, drawing on ideas from the Oxford environment.

Young Arts Inset Day 2013-1Young Arts subsequently sponsored 3 follow up projects in individual primary schools, after teachers had submitted bids to develop ideas from the study day.  The children drew on their immediate school environment to produce  creative works in a variety of media.


2014 Sixth Form Art Competition among 9 Oxford Secondary Schools

Leah with her winning workSixth Form Competition Highly Commended







Sixth form students submitted their work to be judged by Peter Rhoades, Tutor in Fine Art at Christ Church.

From over 40 entries, a Winner (shown above with her entry ‘Hands’) and 4 Highly Commended were selected.  OxDFAS Young Arts gave Commendations to 2 additional works.

All were on display at the North Wall in Summertown for a week, culminating in a presentation of prizes.

2015 Children’s Hospital School Printing Workshops

Hospital School Printing WorkshopHospital School Printing Workshop






The Children’s Hospital at the John Radcliffe had received a heating press as a donation.

Young Arts sponsored a series of artist led sessions available to all children who attended the school.

They created colourful designs which were printed onto small articles for them to take away – T shirts, phone cases, bags, pillow cases.

An additional benefit was in teachers gaining the skills to design and experiment with the heat press.

The Hospital School and Young Arts were delighted with the outcome.

A successful application was made for central NADFAS funds to repeat the project.


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