Financial overview

The main source of income of our society is the membership fee, which contributes to our educational and charitable activities. The charts below give an overview of our income for the year ended 30 June 2017 and how it was spent.

Our accounts

Our accounts since the society was formed in October 2009 are shown in these pdfs which can be downloaded.

Accounts for the year to June 2016OxDFAS accounts-1-2016-bs oxdfas-ie-accounts-2-2016 oxdfas-2016-certificate

Accounts for the year to June 2015: OxDFAS Acs 30.6.15 1, OxDFAS Acs 30.6.15 2, OxDFAS Acs cert.

Accounts for the year to June 2014OxDFAS Acs 30.6.14 Sheet 1OxDFAS Acs 30.6.14 Sheet 2

Accounts for the 6 months to June 2013:  OxDFAS Acs 30.6.13

Accounts for the year to December 2012:  OxDFAS Acs 31.12.12 Sheet 1OxDFAS Acs 31.12.12 Sheet 2

Accounts for the year to December 2011:  OxDFAS Acs 31.12.11 Sheet 1Ox DFAS Acs 31.12.11 Sheet 2

Accounts for the 15 months to December 2010:  OxDFAS Acs 31.12.10



Expenses Policy can be found here: Expenses Policy

Reserves Policy: The Committee has considered carefully the reserves requirements for the society. Based on an assessment of financial risks and other relevant matters, it considers it appropriate to hold approximately 50% of anticipated annual costs in reserves. This amount will be reviewed on an annual basis.



General Receipt Form

Morning Lecture Receipts Form

Afternoon Lecture Receipts Form

Expenditure Authorisation Form