The committee is elected by the members each year at our Annual General Meeting.

Current members of the committee are:

Sarah Whiteley (Chairman)
Chris Milford (Vice Chairman)
Julian Bagwell (Treasurer)
Pam Eyton (Secretary)
Chris Milford (Membership Secretary)
Trish Hedges (Lecture Programme)
Carol Wratten (Visits)
Janet Howe (Young Arts)
Kay Symons (Study Days)
Jake Piper

A little more about us:

Sarah Whiteley
sarah-whiteleyI became a member of Oxford DFAS in 2011 and joined the Young Arts group at the same time.  I became YA chair in 2012 (working with 4 other dedicated members of the group!), and stepped down in summer 2016. Details of the projects sponsored by the Society are on the website.I worked in Children’s Social Care for 25 years, both managing teams working in busy multicultural communities, and latterly as consultant to a large local authority on policy, practice and the important interface with education. I have been an active Primary School Governor for 10 years, in the South West and in Oxford. My interest in the arts is broad, encompassing theatre and music as well as photography and decorative arts. I am also an avid traveller enjoying all the cultural aspects this involves. I have enjoyed the range of activities I’ve been involved with as a member of Oxford DFAS; I look forward to learning more about the arts, and contributing to the development of the Society.

Chris Milford
chris-milfordI qualified as a doctor at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London in 1979 and undertook my postgraduate training in surgery in London and Australia .I was appointed as ENT Consultant at the John Radcliffe Hospital in 1990 and moved to half time working two years ago. This allowed me time in the week to do things outside of medicine. My wife ‘dragged’ me to Oxford DFAS and I then learnt that there is indeed life outside of medicine! I hope to spend many more years being ‘educated’ in the Arts through the talks/study days provided by DFAS. In the past I have found I have got far more out of societies when I have participated actively within them. Although new to the Society I am therefore delighted to have had the opportunity to join the committee.

Julian Bagwell
I joined the Arts Society in 2015 along with my wife, who is the artistic member of our family.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I could learn from the lectures, where very often the most dry subject can turn out to be interesting and entertaining.  We both like to travel and have joined in the well organized overseas trips that the Society provides.  Finally I have learned a lot more about Oxford from the various visits to colleges and libraries.  I became Treasurer this year and want to help the Society expand its charitable giving in support of various arts related projects in our local area.

Carol Wratten
carol-in-marrakeshSince retiring from an administrative post at Wolfson College I have taken numerous courses in Art History.   In 2009 I joined the inaugural Oxford DFAS committee and was the lucky person to be appointed Programme Secretary, a very rewarding role.  I have been involved in the Waterperry Church Record and the ongoing recording of Garsington church.

Currently I help to organize visits and represent the Visits Group on the Main Committee. Apart from my interest in Art and Architecture I enjoy gardening, travelling, entertaining and walking long distance routes.

Jake Piper
Over the past four years I’ve very much enjoyed the broad scope of TASO and the fields, periods, areas and individuals it covers in its lecture series and study days. TASO often opens me up to topics beyond those that I usually pursue in the arts.   My own career was as an environmental consultant and as an academic working on environmental policy – which may explain why I am fascinated by the natural materials of art (such as minerals, fibres and dyestuffs) as well as by perceptions of what is represented. The impact of architecture is another interest of mine.

I’ve been a school governor, PTA chair, board member of an environmental body and co-editor of an academic journal , amongst other voluntary roles. I now hope to be able to contribute to the committee’s work for TOSA.

Pam Eyton
pam-eytonI moved to Oxford from London in 1993. I have always been interest in the Arts and visiting exhibitions and galleries. When I decided to reduce my working hours and subsequently retire, I was able to take up painting again. I was introduced to NADFAS by a friend and then discovered Oxford DFAS; attending initially as a visitor and then became a member in 2015. I enjoy being an active member of an organisation and took over managing the website last year. I now look forward to my new role as secretary.



Trish Hedges
My husband and I have belonged to NADFAS for about 15 years, joining the Oxford society when we moved here 3 years ago. I immediately volunteered to offer to help and was delighted to get involved in lecture programming. I spent most of my working life in London. I was a director at a research institute specialising in social surveys and was involved in management as well as directing research projects. I have always been interested in the Arts – particularly paintings, classical music, and the theatre. My husband and I make frequent visits to exhibitions, galleries and museums in this country, in Europe and in the USA, indulging in our love of paintings. I have learned from and enjoyed so many NADFAS lectures over the years and want to contribute by arranging interesting lectures each year.